Winning a National Election Campaign through Product-Led-Politics

Winning a National Election Campaign through Product-Led-Politics

Charlie Apthorp

We Champion a "Product-Led" Approach to Political Campaigning

Athena Labs has coined what we call "product-led-politics". A new approach to political campaigning that leverages interactive technology to create compelling personalised political experiences for voters.   

The term product-lead-growth (PLG) has been around for some time now in software marketing. It references a shift in the way people use and buy software away from clunky products pushed by aggressive sales teams, towards sleek, intuitive and interactive digital products marketed through hands-on customer experiences. 

In terms of business development this looks like a low or zero sales touchpoint customer journeys. This means that someone sees a product, goes in and tries it for themselves on a free trial, finds it easy to use and functional and then decides to upgrade to a paid plan. All of this without speaking to someone or watching endless adverts. 

Why has this model been so successful in the technology sector? The answer is:


Seventy-one percent of consumers expect companies to deliver personalised interactions. And seventy-six percent get frustrated when this doesn’t happen. Companies that grow faster drive 40 percent more of their revenue from personalisation than their slower-growing counterparts. - Mackenzie source

Writing this now I just finished setting up the calendly booking system for this very website. In fact if you click this link you can schedule a call with myself (Charlie) and my co-founder Conrad and share your thoughts on Product-Led-Politics! - LINK

I signed up for this scheduling tool on a free trial and implemented it onto our site. I then had several potential clients book meetings through the system. I got email reminders saying “Hi Charlie your meeting with X is in 30 minutes”. I got to customise my working hours and see those personalised decisions filter into the time slot options available for people to book a meeting with me. I got to build it around me. 

In their 2021 In Personalization Report, Mackinzie hilight consumers wanting brands to

“Meet me where I am”

This has been essential to success in software marketing and now in 2022 it will be absolutely crucial to effective political campaigning. This is why Athena Labs has built an approach to Political Campaigning around our guiding philosophy of Product-Led-Politics. 

Working on a national election campaign in 2022, myself and Conrad had an opportunity to implement our strategy on a truly huge stage. We had been playing around with the idea of interactive maps for some time. In conversations with some UK based political entities we had pitched content maps that allow users to see their local area and everything their local MP has helped achieve to improve their community. 

The idea was simple. Arrive at the site. See your specific area. Your Street, your actual house. Find out that the swanky renovation of your local train station was funded as a result of lobbying by your MP. Find out that your local school where your baby might one day go just got refitted. Watch a video explaining improvements to your local A and E and feel safer about the care you will receive if something happens. 

This isn’t broad strokes political advertising. These are personalised political experiences. My area. My School. My hospital. My Representative in Government. 

Out of the election cycle we hadn't gained traction for a UK use case of our map. But we were about to get a chance to implement our idea on a truly enormous scale. 

Arriving abroad to run advertising for a national election campaign we pitched our approach to the government and were delighted when it was approved. We began building our interactive map and worked tirelessly until 1000’s of bespoke local achievements had been populated onto it. This was particularly challenging given the language barriers that we had to overcome. That said we had the support of an absolutely fantastic team of local experts and worked closely along two outstanding professionals. 

The results were phenomenal. The website we built became the centrepiece for the entire national election campaign. Our website generated millions of hits with almost half of the internet using population of the country visiting and interacting with it. Surveys we managed through IPSOS identified a phenomenal resonance of the map across almost every key demographic in the electorate. 

Though hard to quantify, it likely had a substantial impact on the outcome of the election and the leader of the country even enjoyed a cake replica of the map to celebrate his birthday. 

If you would like to find out more about our interactive map, product-led-politics or the suite of other political products we offer you can book a call below. 

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