Potential Solana Airdrops

Potential Solana Airdrops

Airdrop season, a favourite season for many. Projects that you have been an early supporter of, been active in the discord for, that you have helped introduce to others and educate on has now announced they are launching a toke'. As a thank you for your support, a percentage of the token has been allocated to you. Essentially you will receive free money for the work you have done.

This is great news, right? Yes. As airdrops are never announced you do not know what criteria you need to fulfil to be eligible. You do not know when the snapshot is taken or when the activity cut-off dates are. Despite this, people actively farm these airdrops in the hopes of receiving tokens.


Though new rollouts and airdrop methods are introduced all the time, here is a framework for how airdrops work. Keeping that in mind, why is everyone hyped about the upcoming Solana airdrops?

It all started with the Uniswap airdrop in September of 2020, when the main dex on the Ethereum blockchain gave all users who did ONE swap 400 $UNI tokens. Airdrops have been happening since 2014 but the Uniswap airdrop was the start of what became known as 'Airdrop Season’.

Projects got lots of users, transaction volume, and TVL by users who were anticipating an airdrop, a fair exchange for both parties. Now with Solana sentiment heating up and Jupiter Exchange announcing an airdrop of 40% of their token, talks of a Solana airdrop season has begun.

How do you qualify for airdrops?

As mentioned in the intro, qualifying for an airdrop involved being early to a project, product or protocol and then using it multiple times and for a sustained period of time. A lot of criterias also focus on volume. Swapping $250 through a dex compared to $250,000 will (often) yield a higher airdrop. Some NFT projects require users to mint the NFT, hold it before a certain date and complete a specific activity in order to earn a token.

Though the examples mentioned are criteria from previous projects there is no set standard of activities to earn tokens, meaning early adopters are often the ones who are rewarded'. Your best bet is to engage with as many protocols as you can. With Solana about to build out, even wider users should pick their niche (GameFi, GambleFi, NFTs, DAOs, etc) and start interacting.

The best place to start is Solana’s Ecosystem page and Defillama’s Solana page. DL also has an airdrop page of protocols who don’t currently have a token but may launch a token in the future.

You can also search ‘Solana Airdrops’ on twitter and see what people are speculating about to other potential avenues. 

Remember, airdrops are never given so don't expect them. Airdrops can, however, be a great thing to receive. With bullish sentiment growing on Solana the ecosystem is ripe for onboarding users and increasing volume, making it the best place to start.

A vibrant, digital illustration of a futuristic cityscape with a large, glowing billboard in the center. The billboard features a stylized, neon emblem that closely resembles the Solana cryptocurrency logo, without directly copying it. Around the billboard, holographic coins are gently descending from the sky, symbolizing a cryptocurrency airdrop. The setting is at night, with a network of cyberpunk-style skyscrapers adorned with neon lights and digital screens displaying various cryptocurrency symbols and graphs. The scene should convey a sense of high-tech finance and digital prosperity.



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