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Which services do you provide?

We provide digital marketing services including brand development, digital marketing strategy, web development, social media management, digital advertising, influencer campaigns and community management.

Why are your Case Studies Anonymous?

Crypto and Politics are environments where people and organisation often value privacy and information security. In these cases we anonymise our case studies in order to respect our clients wishes.

Why are you called Athena Labs?

Athena is the Olympian goddess of Wisdom and War. We think that it takes intelligence to win in the challenging spaces of Politics and Web3. For us Athena encapsulates both of these things.

What is "Venture Building"?

Venture Building refers to our particular specialisation in early stage entrepreneurship and marketing. This means on many projects we have joined from day 1 or been co-founders. As a result we are not a typical agency we don't just manage media for established clients, we actually build your audience and business from the ground up.

How can I join Athena Labs?

Athena Labs is currently hiring for several roles. Check our our Jobs Page for open position.

 In terms of maximising your chances of getting hired, your best bet is to clearly demonstrate your ability to "output deliverables". Take a look at one of our social media posts and improve it. Watch one of our videos and re-write the script. Disagree with one of our positioning strategies on a client website.  We are looking for people who can do a better job than us. That's the definition of adding value.

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