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LiveArt, a digital-art trading and analytics platform created by Sotheby's and Christie's execs, asked us to increase awareness around their upcoming NFT mint and improve their standing in the NFT ecosystem.

The client's mint was focused on providing value to NFT artists and collectors. As a result, these groups were the main target for the campaign.

The Strategy

Athena Labs devised a campaign to place LiveArt at the centre of the online conversation. By turning the brand into a staunch defender of creator royalties, we aimed to make the brand as popular as possible with NFT artists and position the c-suite team as thought leaders on the subject.

The Process

  • Our press release branded the NFT mint as "exclusively for collectors" within a far-reaching announcement campaign that obtained hits in Coindesk and beyond.
  • We worked with an on-chain data partner to uncover new research showing that web3 creators had lost far more than had previously been thought to the royalty cutback. This research was turned into an impactful piece in partnership with LiveArt and was placed in CoinTelegraph (receiving over 12k views in the process).
  • We positioned the CEO as a thought leader on the topic and organised an interview and subsequent appearance in Forbes in a wider article covering the topic.
  • We launched a TwitterSpace campaign where prominent artists, investors, and brands spoke with the brand's CEO over several sessions online. 1000s of attendees heard the brand argue for defending creator royalties.
  • We invited 150 NFT artists into a Twitter group chat for the use of coordinating co-marketing efforts.

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