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OTC Compare

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Athena Labs spoke with a large number of Crypto OTC desks who reported they had difficulty with marketing and finding demand - most  rely on referrals and network for new business. Our agency developed a unique online tool to help fix this.

After driving users with a demand for OTC services to the site, web visitors select which currency they have, which currency they want to transact to, and which geography they are focused on. Users are then sent a set of recommended OTC desks bespoke to their needs via email.

As part of this process, we capture the data related to all users specific OTC needs along with their emails for future use.


  • Conducted market research with outreach to over 100 OTC desks to build unique database
  • Built OTC Compare brand and interactive web application integrating with mailsend mechanism for bespoke results
  • Managed entire social media marketing launch campaign
  • Achieved 3 pieces of earned media PR in first week of launch

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