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Quantix, an NFT Fractionalisation Platform created by ex Apple execs that let's useres Own and Trade any NFT. Quantix engaged Athena to help develop a new brand identity & website and manage the launch of their new platform into the the market.

The Strategy

Athena Labs developed a new brand identity for Quantix based around users owning shares in their favourite projects. By focusing the brand towards the NFT projects themselves and emphasising how Quantix could help collectors, buyers and traders overcome the prohibitive costs of buying bluchip nft's outright, we were able to address each key market segment and communicate Quantix's unique value propositions to them.

The Process

  • Group and 1 on 1 meetings were scheduled with their core team to conduct interviews and collect 'perspectives' on the brands current position and where it could be taken within our repositioning.
  • A new landing page design was developed on Figma with multiple reviews to ensure copy and structure was spot on to the clients needs.
  • The website was launched and the new positioning was deployed on twitter campaigns featuring engaging Gif's and other animated content to drive higher engagement rates.

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